S H I P P I N G   &   R E T U R N S

S H I P P I N G   I N F O R M A T I O N

We make it a priority to get each and every order out as soon as possible. We want to put our product in your hands in the shortest amount of time. We do provide USPS delivery tracking numbers with almost every order (USPS Priority ONLY) so you can be informed when it ships from us and when to expect it. We generally ship using USPS Priority and USPS First-Class (Smaller items). Due to the weight of some of our products, the shipping prices maybe a slightly higher.

Shipping can take 2-4 business days for Priority and 5-7 days for our First-Class packages. Please let us know if you need expedited shipping and we can discuss your options.


At this time we only ship within the Continental U.S.

P R O D U C T   R E T U R N   I N F O R M A T I O N

Due to the hand-crafted nature of our products we do not offer returns. However if you are unhappy with your product please contact us right away and we will try to remedy the situation immediately.


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